We need help!

Unfortunately, due to heavy usage of our free API, we are facing performance and availability issues. Please help keep the project going by donating to us.

What is Open-Elevation?

Open-Elevation is a free and open-source alternative to the Google Elevation API and similar offerings.

This service came out of the need to have a hosted, easy to use and easy to setup elevation API. While there are some alternatives out there, none of them work out of the box, and seem to point to dead datasets. Open-Elevation is easy to setup, has its own docker image and provides scripts for you to easily acquire whatever datasets you want. We offer you the whole world with our public API.

The code is fully open-source, licensed under the GPLv2. If you want, submit a pull request!

If you enjoy our service, please consider donating to us. Servers aren't free :)

Host your Own

You can easily host your own instance of Open-Elevation, and there are multiple ways of doing so:

  • With Docker. We offer a Docker image and a handy tutorial on how to use it
  • On your own machines. There's a simple tutorial on how to setup all dependencies if you don't want to use docker.

Check the documentation here.

What about the data? The service won't do anything useful without the right dataset. Check this section of the documentation on how to setup your own dataset

Hosting it yourself is too confusing? Consider using our free API.

Public API

Open-Elevation is free to use and has a free public API.